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2014-01-31 - Contact

I came across this in a used bookstore here in Jerusalem. The film is still my favourite thing to watch. I’ve never read the entire novel, and I thought it was fitting for a guy who isn’t religious to buy a copy of “Contact” in the most religious city in the world. I decided to have a relaxing afternoon, sitting in front of the Western Wall, with the Dome of the Rock in the background, reading a brilliant story about contact with alien civilizations.

Atheists are usually accused of not believing in anything, but this story and all of its ideas certainly offer more than enough for me. Not that the religions have it all wrong as far as living life goes, but even those concepts don’t require anything supernatural. All of that stuff comes later, in dogma, and it’s interesting to see people here put that part of their religious teaching aside in order to get along and live in relative peace.

1 thought on “Reading break

  1. seems to be a perfect place to contemplate!. One way to start the Sabbath in Jerusalem..

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