I just flew into Tel Aviv, and at the moment I’m just hanging out in the airport waiting until I can go and meet my Couchsurfing host for this weekend. I was questioned by security immediately as I stepped off the airplane. I was questioned at passport control. I’ve been questioned three times by different security people during the eight hours I’ve been here.

It’s nothing invasive. Just the basics. “Passport please”. “Where are you going?” “What are you waiting for?” “Why did you take some pictures?” “Where do you live?” They’ve been perfectly polite each time, and they obviously have their eyes on everyone constantly, but otherwise you don’t see these people. Oh, they’re walking around…somewhere, but the airport is perfectly peaceful.

That’s how you do security. Identify potential threats and confront them right away. Don’t have gangs of uniformed, walking ego trips strolling through the departures lounge looking like they should have a job to do. Don’t treat everyone the same, because we clearly aren’t. It’s not politically correct, but it works.

1 thought on “Security

  1. I have been saying the same about Israeli airport security since my first trip there. They also manage to never have you waiting in line for very long; the same cannot be said for North American airports.

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