Uh oh!

What the Fuck Is Going On With ‘Star Trek: Discovery’?

Here’s a great summary of everything that’s been going on with the new Star Trek series, and it doesn’t sound promising. Even without these issues, I don’t know if I’d be on board with the concept. Why set it ten years before the original series? Why do we always have to come back to Kirk and Spock? It’s pathetic.

Star Trek is supposed to be about looking forward. All it can do now is wallow in the past.

There hasn’t really been any great Trek made since The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine is a war story set in a static location. Voyager is literally about going home. The other prequel, Enterprise, is the dramatic equivalent of looking through your parents’ photo albums. The nuTrek films are Boomer nostalgia trips.

This new show takes place in the past and they have the nerve to call it ‘Discovery’?

The entire concept is a sad joke.

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