Trancemission 18


It wouldn’t be Summer without Trancemission, even if it is going to be in the city. We found out nearly two weeks ago that the outdoor camping spot we wanted to use for this year’s party is now inaccessible. The road leading there has been closed by the Province due to the forest fires. Not only does that road lead directly to one of the fire sites, but conditions are so dry that it does seem safer to just stop people from camping in the area entirely.

It was incredibly disappointing to learn that we wouldn’t be able to have our annual outdoor party, but after putting despair aside and doing a lot of work, the Soundproof crew has pulled together and organized three events over the weekend: an indoor party on Friday night, an outdoor event on Saturday afternoon, and a Saturday night ‘main event’ at an indoor venue that can stay open until Sunday morning. It may not be the full Trancemission experience, but I know it’s still going to be an amazing time.

I’m playing on Saturday night at 3:30am, and I’m still having fun lining up some dark, intense Techno for the occasion. It’s going to be wonderful to see the Soundproof family again, and I hope as many of them turn up as we expect. One thing I’m sure of: I’ll need the extra recovery day on Monday. I’m glad I booked it off work.

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