Vancouver Trance Family

2015-02-28 - JOC, Kearney @ 560

Making an effort to get out to more Trance events was one of my goals when I came home from travelling. It’s turned out to be a fantastic decision. A few years ago I would never have considered going out to a club alone. My first weekend in London showed me it was nothing to worry about. No one I’d met at my hostel was interested in heading to Ministry Of Sound for Guy J and Cid Inc, and it was a show I didn’t want to miss. I met some great local people in the line, and spent the entire night dancing with new friends. Why couldn’t that happen in Vancouver?

Everyone in the VTF has been welcoming. When you look across the dance floor and see someone recognizing the same tracks you do, singing along with every vocal, and enjoying the music as much as you are, it’s a lot easier to form new bonds. After so many parties since coming home, it’s fantastic that some of these great people are becoming friends away from club. It’s one of those little pieces of my ‘travel self’ that I refuse to let go of.

Besides, I got this great photo of me with Bryan Kearney! Yes!

2015-02-28 - JOC,Kearney @ 560 - 06 - Alec and Bryan Kearney

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