2014-05 - Melbourne crew

Spending three weeks in Melbourne wasn’t part of my plan, but with so many friends there, and some generous free accommodation, it turned out to be an ideal place to rest and relax. I got to spend some time with a few people I’d only met for a few days back in Europe, and it felt great to solidify those friendships. Plus, Melbourne reminds me a lot of Vancouver, and I’ve never felt more at home during this year away.

It’s back to the road, however. I got into Adelaide today, and while I covered most of the city centre on foot today, I’m hoping there’s a bit more to check out during the next couple of days. I’m really back to travelling alone now, but I’m looking forward to seeing what South Australia and the Northern Territory bring!

I also just checked the price for a bus from here to Alice Springs. $240. Shit…

Welcome to Oz.

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