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2013 Track of the Year


Even though I haven’t been listening to new tracks for a few months, I honestly can’t imagine anything supplanting Darren Porter’s “Spellbound” as my favourite track of 2013. A bit of that classic Trance sound and a lot of modern energy, but without losing the emotional side. There’s nothing like uplifting Trance :)

Techno & Trance

For those people who don’t understand the difference between Techno and Trance music, I’ve got a couple of examples here that should make it about as clear as is possible.





The differences in mood, intent, and emotion can’t possibly be more obvious in my mind. That’s not to say Techno can’t ever be happy, or emotionally uplifting, or that Trance can never be hard and dark, of course. In general, though, I think the overall atmosphere of a Trance party versus a Techno party is illustrated fairly well by these tracks.

I play almost exclusively Techno with a group called Soundproof here in Vancouver. Check out these videos from a recent event:


As far as Trance goes, I play that mostly for myself at home, or to record and listen to later. It’s still my favourite.