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The Big City

2015-11-10 - NYC Alec

I’ve been in New York City for a week now, and still have a week to go. It’s certainly a different experience to other big cities I’ve visited. I suppose most of that has to do with the scale of it. This place is so big, and so dense, that expecting to get a handle on it in just a couple of weeks seems ridiculous. I can usually feel comfortable with a new transit system in just a few days, but I’m on day eight in New York, and still find myself double and triple checking maps, trains, and stations. There is an incredible, exhausting energy here. I find myself feeling tired, even if I’ve hardly done anything.

I thought I would enjoy the city more. It’s certainly not a place I could imagine living. There are too many things that drain my energy, and not enough quiet or beautiful places to recharge. Central Park is overly manicured. Full of concrete walking paths, roads, and trees that are too small to hide what surrounds it. The constant sirens and horns pierce any sense of calm. Most of the grass is fenced off and unwelcoming. It underscores how lucky I am to be from a city that has so much natural beauty so close at hand.

2015-11-11 - NYC park

I’m curious to see how my second week goes. With a decent chuck of the sights now seen, I’m hoping some more relaxed exploring will make this place feel more comfortable. Right now, another week doesn’t seem like enough time for that. From what I’ve heard, even a few years might not cut it. Maybe that’s what New York City is all about.