Monthly Archives: October 2014

Be thankful

I don’t usually go in for overly inspirational stuff. Most of it is contaminated in one way or another by religion, spirituality, or some other form of new age belief system. It’s always nice to see inspiration rooted in the simple, beautiful world we actually live in. No magic is required. Only understanding.


2014-09-12 - 08 - Stanley Park - Alec looking at downtown

Three hundred and sixty five days. When I realized I had a chance to hit that mark exactly, I thought it was too appropriate to pass up. I surprised my family and friends, and was back in time for Soundproof‘s Summer party, Trancemission 17. It was fantastic. That was almost two months ago. Things feel a bit different now. Instead of being glad to be home, to go back to work, to find a new place to live, it feels as if I’m sinking into reality. Like quicksand. Family and friends make¬†for a¬†welcoming return, but they also make me acutely aware of the people who aren’t in my life anymore. Vancouver is home, but now it’s missing the best friendships I’ve ever had. It’s not what it used to be.

It’s said that sometimes, you can never go home again. Things here will certainly never be the way they were, so I suppose it’s true. Vancouver is far from perfect, but it’s one of the only places I’ve ever been where I would want to live. Still, even the ‘best place on Earth’ is just a place. People are what count, and I can’t help but notice the gaping hole of missing friends. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time. What do they say about surviving quicksand? Don’t fight it. Lie back, relax, and try to float. Help will be along…