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2013-08 - Cliffs of Moher

I wasn’t really sure how long I would spend in Ireland, both the South and North parts, but it’s been almost two weeks I think, and it’s been pretty great. Dublin has been my least favourite stop so far, since it doesn’t offer much beyond some great pub life, and for someone who doesn’t drink much, that’s not very appealing.

After a few nights I crossed the country to Galway, which is small and charming. From there I did a great tour to the Cliffs of Moher (above), met a few people in a busy hostel and generally enjoyed the place a lot more than Dublin. Next up was Cork, including a visit to the Blarney Castle, and then North to Belfast to visit a family friend and spend what turned out be nearly a week.

Tomorrow I’m off to Scotland.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Belfast. I was expecting a bit more roughness, and although there are a few spots that fit the bill, in general it seems to be a very modern, clean city. Certainly it’s small, but I’ve enjoyed my time here, for sure. Managed to get out to the Giant’s Causeway and see a few other sights, so it’s been well worth it. I’m definitely looking forward to spending a couple of weeks making my way around as much of Scotland as I can manage. Also, it’s been great to visit with a familiar face for a few days, and have a nice place to stay, but I’ll be glad to get back on the road before I get too used to being comfortable here.

Places to go, things and people to see!