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The Trip so far

2013-08-19 - London Bridge

London was great, and so far it’s the only place I’d go back to. Liverpool was alright, but without much to do beyond a couple of days. So far Ireland is…meh. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I don’t drink much and am not really into pub culture. I’m in Galway on the West coast at the moment, about to take a tour out to the cliffs of Moher, which I’m hoping is cool. I’ve got a couple more days here before making my way up to Belfast.

So far travelling has been fun. I’ve been pretty well organized as far as the stuff I brought with me, and so far have only had to buy some body wash. It will be nice to meet up with a friend in Belfast and actually do proper laundry!

I took the ferry to Dublin from Holyhead. It’s kind of painful to think that as much as we complain about BC Ferries back home, they’re still the best ferry service I’ve seen. It’s not so much the service itself as the infrastructure. The boat to Dublin operates from commercial ports, and there don’t seem to be truly dedicated facilities to deal with vehicle and especially passenger traffic. We were bused onto the boat before the cars were loaded, only to watch the buses turn around inside the ferry and leave. Upon arrival, the foot passengers must wait until the entire ferry is unloaded, so more buses can drive on and pick them up. It’s just silly to see in operation. They take almost 30 minutes just to unload a ferry. Can you imagine that in Horseshoe Bay?

Otherwise, the only other annoying thing is the high cost of food here, but that’s no surprise. On the plus side, the availability and quality of free Wifi is a lot better than a few years ago. Hopefully that’s Europe-wide.

I’ll post some more updates as I go!

2013-08-22 - Train sign


Intermission camp sign


This past weekend brought a fantastic Soundproof party: “Intermission”. After the cancellation of our usual Summer party, “Trancemission”, because of an issue with the venue, the crew decided something was better than nothing. Thank God! With a borrowed sound system, a rented truck and generator, some lights we already own, and a lot of hard work, we transformed a quiet back road campsite into a great all night dance party spot!

I played at 3:00am, and it’s definitely my hardest, darkest, most intense Techno set yet. It was tons of fun to play and I hope you enjoy it!

2013-08-10 – Live @ Intermission

Intermission river